Nocci: World's Only USB Rechargeable Travel Blender with a Micro Filter for making Nut Milk on the Go!.

Nocci: World's Only USB-Rechargeable Travel Blender with a Micro-Filter for Pulp-Free Nut Milk and Fresh Juices


The adorable, versatile on-the-go travel blender for healthy drinks.



The makers of Nocci are proud to introduce the world's only USB-rechargeable travel blender with a patent-pending micro-filter. Its groundbreaking innovation allows users to create healthy drinks effortlessly. Nocci goes beyond ordinary blender capabilities, even crushing ice and grinding coffee beans. 


According to the brand, Nocci is the ultimate travel companion for health-conscious individuals seeking convenience, style, and flavorful fun. Remarkably, Nocci stands as the sole travel blender that enables the on-the-go creation of plant-based milk. Its unrivaled ability to separate the pulp and deliver a smooth and satisfying beverage sets it apart from any other travel blender.


Nocci is thoughtfully designed to be lightweight and portable, weighing 1.5 pounds and measuring just 3 inches wide and 9.4 inches tall. Its compact size makes it the ideal on-the-go companion, ensuring effortless portability wherever you venture. However, Nocci's appeal extends beyond its practicality; it boasts a delightful design that captures hearts. Adorned with an irresistible squirrel mascot, Nocci exudes a playful charm that adds a touch of joy to the brand. In vibrant colors - white, black, or pink - Nocci showcases its commitment to seamlessly blending functionality with style.


"Nocci empowers individuals from all walks of life - be it full-time travelers, busy professionals, devoted parents, or dedicated students - to achieve and maintain their well-being and vitality, regardless of their lifestyle," states a brand representative. "In today's fast-paced world, where demands are high and time is limited, Nocci is the ultimate solution for those seeking a convenient way to prioritize their health. It is the answer for those who refuse to compromise on their well-being amidst their bustling routines," they further emphasize.



According to the brand, Nocci arrives fully charged and ready to use, allowing users to indulge in their favorite drinks immediately. With up to 15 blends per charge, Nocci offers an extended usage time. One key feature distinguishing Nocci from other travel blenders is its unparalleled versatility. By removing the micro-filter, Nocci transforms into a powerful shake and smoothie maker. It's also suitable for blending single-serve soups, dressings, or dips, expanding its usage beyond just beverages.


But what makes Nocci exceptional is its ability to create pulp-free nut milk, plant-based milk, and fresh juices. With its patent-pending micro-filter, Nocci effortlessly separates the pulp, producing perfectly smooth and delicious beverages. No travel blender on the market offers this unique feature, making Nocci the go-to choice for those seeking exceptional blend quality.



Customer Testimonials:


"I never thought making my nut milk could be this easy! Nocci's micro-filter creates the smoothest plant-based milk I've ever tasted. It has become a staple in my daily routine."

"The convenience of Nocci is unparalleled. I can whip up a refreshing juice or a protein-packed smoothie wherever I go. It's a game-changer for my healthy lifestyle."


To experience the innovation of Nocci and explore its possibilities, visit With Nocci, healthy drinks, and endless enjoyment are just a blend away.


About Nocci


Nocci is a leading brand in the portable blender market, offering a unique blend of functionality, style, and health-conscious innovation. With the world's only USB-rechargeable travel blender featuring a patent-pending micro-filter, Nocci empowers individuals to easily create pulp-free nut milk, plant-based milk, and fresh juices. Nocci is committed to inspiring a vibrant and healthy lifestyle, no matter where the adventure takes the user.

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